Thursday Digest: DIY Publishing

Our theme this week in the Dailies has been the rapidly changing landscape of the publishing industry (here and here). Today we present a sample of the content pinging around the dubya-dubya-dubya on the do-it-yourself opportunities now available to emerging writers.

We begin with an excellent introduction to the field at Self-Publishing Review by Western Australian Phill English (first published on his blog Toothsoup).

Gary Smailes at BubbleCow has plenty of good advice about DIY e-publishing: “It is possible to get a professional standard book onto a digital platform (such as the kindle) for less than £1000 ($1500). This means that selling your book at £5 ($10) a writer would only need to sell 150-200 books to recoup their costs.”

At Guide to Literary Agents, guest blogger Lisa Napoli writes about how she’s taking the DIY approach to marketing her literary memoir. Joanna Penn guest posts on Alan baxter’s blog on 5 lessons learned on being an indie author. On her own site she’s posted a comprehensive DIY online marketing plan for indie authors.

This year’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas features a session called ‘The Self-Publishing Novelist’ featuring Jane Friedman, who was quoted in yesterday’s Dailies.

Finally, those writers who write from the chaos of their bedrooms may find this article an inspiration - reposting from the Happiness Project, whom we featured earlier this week. Which gives us an opportunity to revisit this old favourite.

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