Wednesday Short Cuts

We mentioned Nabokov in our top story today. Nabokov is one of those authors so adored by his fans that the veneration approaches cultish dimensions. Here’s an example - a list of his favourite films. As previously reported in the Dailies, Nabokov was a fervent lepidopterist. Here’s a fetching blog on butterfly photography.

We also mentioned David Foster Wallace in the same story. Here’s a BBC documentary on the man and his work. Samuel Beckett fans won’t want to miss this rare feature-length television documentary on the Modernist master of grim comic tedium, Waiting for Beckett: A Portrait of Samuel Beckett.

Yesterday we posted a video of Sophie Cunningham’s Lunchbox/Soapbox last week. Here’s a review of her last edition of Meanjin, published by Overland. And here Sophie writes on Meg Mundell’s new novel, Black Glass (previously mentioned here).

If Australian literature has hitherto lacked a strong sense of regional identity, that may be about to change, not least thanks to ABC Radio National’s Book Show blog on the literature of Western Australia.

Here’s a video to inspire incorrigible procrastinators, and here’s a blog on punctuation.