Byron Bay Writer’s Festival Claims Web First

Advertising agency George Patterson/Y&R are claiming to be the first to create a poem in the form of a website URL. The poem was devised to promote the Byron Bay Writers' Festival, which begins Friday week at Australia’s most easterly point.

Once disentangled from its webby format, the poem reads:

Words like hang out in creepy places. Beware, you can find them skulking around ancient Maya temples, the belltower of Notre Dame, or the belly of GIANT sandworms.

You’ll catch them in a Victorian orphanage filled with dirty clothes, cracked smiles, on wild horses wilder women.

Words LOVE the smell of napalm and the taste of sweat that trickles down your back when you’re knee-deep in ENEMY territory.

They’re passionate about grime, slime and the STENCH of a thousand DEAD rats. Words haunt the nastiest places - just like this.

The poem was written by copywriter Kate Burt, but the line breaks are our own.

Highlights of the festival (which also has the more conventional URL include Paul Kelly, MJ Hyland, Richard Glover and Louis de Bernières. The keynote speaker is John Pilger.

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