Yet Another Side of Bob Dylan

The cover of Dylan's first volume

The cover of Dylan's first volume

Readers who enjoyed Bob Dylan’s Chronicles: Volume One can look forward to the publication of volumes two and three, NME reports. In the kind of deal more often seen in the music industry than in publishing, the folk-rock legend has committed to writing six more books.

Two of them will follow on from the first volume of Chronicles. In typical Dylan style, volume one trumped the expectations of many by staying mute about the mid-sixties, when Dylan’s fame and influence were at its peak. Two more will be spin offs of the singer’s oddly affecting digital radio show. The Theme Time Radio Hour explores mid-century American popular music thematically - program themes include baseball songs and songs about drinking.

Details of the final two books remain unknown. If Dylan decides to take up fiction, it wouldn’t be for the first time: at the zenith of his career, he wrote a novel called Tarantula which, because of an accident, wasn’t published until 1971. In 2003, Spin magazine judged one of its sentences the most unintelligible ever written by a rock star.

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