Dymocks Opens the Floodgates

A leading Australian book retailer is getting into the publishing business with the launch of an online self-publishing service. Dymocks is the first major Australian book retailer to have entered the online publishing fray with the D Publishing Network. The service offers a fully-functional suite of services for turning a standard Word document into a book and/or ebook. The service can print colour images, offers default covers for those unable to provide their own, and offers medium and high-quality print options.

Prices for a combined print and ebook option start at around $700 plus printing costs (around $3 or $4 per book, depending on several variables include number of pages and colour images). Once produced, the books can also be published with D Publishing, meaning they’ll be issued an ISBN, barcode and imprint and will be registered as officially published works so that they can be bought and sold. They’ll be available for sale on the Dymocks website as print books and/or ebooks at a price set by the author and, if franchise owners can be persuaded to stock them, they could even be sold in a Dymocks store. Here’s more.

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