Weird and Wonderful Libraries

Looking for a literary rest-stop on today’s tour of the internet? Sit back and have a browse at these weird and wonderful libraries from around the world, from the Michaelangelo-designed Laurentian Library, to a home bathroom library, to Diane Keaton’s personal reading room.

Florence’s Laurentian Library was designed by Michaelangelo. So, why are you surprised that it’s a work of art?

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This home library, shaped like a map of the USA, is more weird than wonderful. And not very practical either … (but certainly inventive).

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Diane Keaton’s memoir has been much-praised. So, it’s not a surprise that the quirky actress, an early muse to Woody Allen, has an inviting-looking personal library that just begs you to sit down, pick up a book and stay awhile.

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If you like the idea of reading in the bath (perhaps with a lazy glass of red), then you’ll love the idea of this handy bathroom library.

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The gorgeous Abbey Library (Stiftsbibliothek) is one of the oldest libraries in Europe. It’s famous for its superb baroque interior and its collection of rare books and manuscripts, but it also functions as a lending library.

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Designer Karl Lagerfeld is batty about books – so much so, that he’s designed a perfume, Paper Passion, that takes its inspiration from the smell of printed paper. His personal library houses over 300,000 books.

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What to do when you have so many books, you don’t know where to put them? That’s where this staircase library comes in - making use of every available space.

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The library and Gothic suite from Hearst Castle, built by twentieth century media mogul William Randolph Hearst, said to be the model for Citizen Kane’s main character.

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If you need to get hold of a book and can’t find it anywhere, Nigella Lawson may have a copy on her shelves. Her personal library is as voluptuous as her, um, cooking.

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