Best and worst of book trailers

There’s been a rash of book trailers lately from the sublime Wonders of a Godless World to the ridiculous Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls.

To makes sense of the latest publishing craze, Moby Lives have decided to run their own awards for book trailers. Their categories leave no doubt that Melville House doubts the usefulness of trailers including Biggest Waste of Conglomerate Money and Trailer Least Likely to Sell the Book.

But there are also salutes to the epic trailer for Maurice Gee’s Going West which scored Big House/Big Budget and the sparsely powerful I am in the Air Right Now by Kathryn Regina showing can be done with limited cash and maximum creativity. But we agree that most people will hit mute as they watch the winner for Most Annoying Music New Year’s At the Pier, a cacophonous mix of ocean effects and a downright whiny strings that doesn’t suit the children’s book it promotes.