Sleep Deprivation Pay-Off for US Author

A kids' book with a twist is proving to be a pre-publishing phenomenon in the US. The book, Go the F— to Sleep, is actually an adult cry for help, presented in a tongue-in-cheek spirit as a kids' book. And it has its origins on Facebook. The New York Times reports author Adam Mansbach - writer of ambitious, and unmistakeably adult, literary novels - posted the book’s title last year at a time when his then two year-old daughter Vivien was taking two hours to fall asleep. Reaction from his friends was so positive that he extended the idea and invited kids' book artist Ricardo Cortes to illustrate it.

The book isn’t due to be published until October. That hasn’t stopped it from becoming an enviable publishing success story. On the basis of its title alone, it’s already an Amazon bestseller. It peaked at number 2 on the Amazon bestseller list last Thursday, after the author appeared on a panel over the Easter weekend - the first publicity he’s done for the book - prompted a Twitter frenzy and was picked up by Boing Boing.

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