Father Bob Goes the Extra Mile

Our upcoming lunchbox/Soapboxer Father Bob Maguire had a busy weekend completing the Run Melbourne 5km walk in just over an hour, but at the cost of his mobile, the Age reports.

During the course of the run, Father Bob misplaced his mobile phone during the charity run, but was quick to reassure friends that their numbers were safe. The celebrity priest tweeted to Triple J co-host John Safran “No numbers listed.You’re safe.New number emailed.”

The run marked the end of several weeks of training for the 75-year-old. In the lead up to the event he posted a training update on the Run Melbourne website proving he’s still very active “I stepped up visiting hospitals. The long corridors and stairs instead of lifts keep me fit. I’ve thought of grabbing patients in wheelchairs and insisting on pushing them around.”

Father Bob has another milestone later this week as Melbourne’s best-loved priest celebrates 50 years since his ordination with a Sunday Mass.

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