Unhappy Ending for The Mousetrap

The Independent reports that Agatha Christie’s heirs are dragging Wikipedia to court for the online encyclopedia’s spoilers that give away the plot twists and ending of the 1952 mystery play.

Wikipedia’s entry for the play features a section called Identity of the Murderer which explains that “audiences are asked not to reveal the identity of the killer to anyone outside the theatre, to ensure that the end of the play isn’t spoiled for future audiences” and then goes on to baldly state the identity of the murderer.

Christie’s grandson, Matthew Prichard, told the paper, “I think it is a pity if a publication, if I can call it that, potentially spoils the enjoyment for those people who go to see the play. It’s not a question of money or anything like that.” Pritchard was given the rights to the play on his 9th birthday by Christie.

Wikipedia defends its position as a reference work that supplies all information about a variety of literary works, but fans of the 20th century’s most famous crime writer claim that it ruins the play’s impact. Wikipedia removed its spoiler warnings in 2007 which would have offered Christie devotees fair warning that the play’s ending will be given away.

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