Flannery Savages Rudd on ETS

Deakin Series curator Tim Flannery has fired another at salvo at Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in the latest issue of the Monthly.

Flannery characterises Rudd’s policy move as “a funk in the truest sense of the word: a shirking of responsibility”. Flannery believes it is motivated by polls indicating that “the public is wearying of the issue”. But Flannery hasn’t quite given up on the PM as his article closes with the hope of “an honourable backflip by the prime minister on his decision to defer from Carbon Pollutions Reduction Scheme”.

This counter backflip, perhaps more properly a ‘frontflip’, makes even more sense in the context of BP’s environmental poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico and “the possibility that coal’s catastrophic equivalent could be the entire world.”

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