Wolf declares peace with Greer

Naomi Wolf has called Germaine Greer “my total heroine” four years after the two had an on-air spat. Speaking in Sydney, Wolf paid tribute to Greer “as a huge influence for me, in terms of her prose style and in terms of her absolute audacity.”

Back in 2006 things weren’t so rosy when Greer appraised The Treehouse as an expression of Wolf’s love affair with her father. But even at the time, Wolf expressed her admiration. “I would like to point out to you respectfully, because you are my absolute heroine, that you are interestingly sexualising inappropriately what is an intellectual relationship.”

All was forgiven in Sydney though when Wolf preached the gospel according to Greer. Paraphrasing Matthew 6, she likened Greer to “A prophet… always without honour in their own country.”

Naomi Wolf appears at Capitol Theatre tonight for the Wheeler Centre.