Booksellers New CEO

There’s a new face at the Australian Booksellers Association (ABA) this week as Joel Becker starts as chief executive.

Becker, a former bookseller and director of the Victorian Writers' Centre (VWC), comes to the role as bookselling is in flux. “The biggest challenges facing booksellers is how the digital revolution, or perhaps evolution, will impact the book industry,” Becker told the Wheeler Centre.

With the Australian launch of the iPad later this month, Australian booksellers aim to keep their place in a busier and globalised market. Becker is optimisitc about this transition: “I’d like to contribute to a solution so sales don’t go to sites overseas and Australian booksellers are a part of this change.”

While Becker anticipating challenges in the new position, he’s pleased with his achievements at VWC after 8 years. “For me, it’s been the opportunity to work with so many writers and assist them in developing their careers.”