The Hipster Games

The Hunger Games is the film – and the book series – of the moment.

Everyone’s talking about it, from comparing how the screen version measures up to the beloved books (verdict: pretty well), to comparing independent, kick-ass heroine Katniss Aberdeen with Bella Swan, Twilight’s damsel in distress.

And now there’s a parody (discovered via Mamamia) that will tickle the fancy of literary types everywhere: The Hipster Games.

The Hipster Games - Hunger Games Parody - Wyoma Films

In this clever little mock-trailer, heroine Lochness Evergreen volunteers as tribute after her sister’s name is drawn to compete in the ‘semi-annual Hipster Games’.

‘No!’ she cries. ‘She’s not ready! Her clothes aren’t even vegan!’

Let’s just say it involves battles over vinyl records, a talismanic brooch of the Mockingjays, ‘a rad post-punk band from the late seventies’ – and the line, ‘I just really miss brunch, you know’.

If Christian Lander’s Stuff White People Like made you giggle (or cringe in semi-recognition), this parody is for you …

May the Trends Be Ever in Your Favour.