Tony Martin Fills Your Bookish Stocking

Tony Martin probably has advice on buying gift books for pets

Tony Martin probably has advice on buying gift books for pets

The irrepressible and ingeniously pre-planned Tony Martin has posted his bookish stocking fillers as he beats the Christmas rush over on Scrivener’s Fancy.

Mostly it’s Martin’s satirical swipe at the latest and lamest in publishing including Justin Beiber’s The Autumn of My Years which he describes as “Volume two of the baby-faced pop star’s memoirs covers the two-week period since the first one”. Or there’s the faux Kathy Lette book, Maternal Combustion, which “Contains so many puns, you’ll be suffering from quiplash!”

Looking for a gift for the pop music fan? Martin recommends Dannii: My Story (updated) which is “Much thinner paperback edition that bears little resemblance to the original.” For the hard to buy for, Martin mashes up Russell Brand and Star Wars with My Wookiee Book by Peter Mayhew - “The long-awaited autobiography of the man who played Chewbacca. Mostly incoherent howling.”

No-one escapes as Martin even parodies himself with You Sank My Battleship! by Tony Martin which he characterises as “More supposedly true stories about old things from the seventies that nobody else remembers.

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