Martin on Politician Lookalikes

Over at his regularly hilarious and randomly thoughtful Scrivener’s Fancy, Tony Martin had some thoughts on the Hawke telemovie and the nature of impersonating the greats.

Martin “found it impossible to concentrate on the film’s narrative… as I was spending all my time evaluating whether the actors looked enough like who they were supposed to be.”

Himself a TV actor and director on The Librarians, Martin recounts a recent run-in with actor Patrick Brammall, who played Kim Beazley. “‘But surely you wouldn’t be fat enough?’ I blurted, immediately feeling like an arsehole as his face informed me that I was probably the one-thousandth person to have said this to him.”

He also reckons the only person for the lead in the Julia Gillard telemovie would be Kath and Kim’s Jane Turner and though the costume could do the acting for the leader of the opposition as “Tony Abbott… would he be sporting the lollybags and bathing cap in every single scene, including those depicting fierce debates in the Lower House”.