Erotic Fan Fiction on Twitter

The heat at last night’s erotic fan fiction bubbled over onto Twitter as people who saw it needed to let off steam.

@katiemelb came away with a new opinion of a children’s classic after it was re-imagined. She tweeted “Charlotte’s Web will never be the same after @mariekehardy’s Wilbur/Charlotte fanfiction at @wheelercentre tonight. Some pig, indeed. ;)”

MissTruex managed to beat the TV to come along to the event: “Sad I missed Marion being booted #masterchef -but super glad I saw erotic fan fiction being read at @wheelercentre, twas wrong and so funny”.

And blogger @bookworm_megs has been coming along all week but on last night she sums up the evening best with “they’d all taken characters and/or celebrities and wrote them in erotic fiction. Some were funny, some were cringe-worthy and all were entertaining!”

Marieke Hardy’s piece about the love that dare not speak its name between a pig and the eponymous spider got the most mentions though. One reply to her by @fivewalls “I was kind of hoping for a special on Watership Down, now I’m thinking all kinds of permutations on ‘Some Pig’”.

For her part Hardy wasn’t sure how the evening went, tweeting “A nice girl came up to me after my erotic fan fiction reading last night and said it was ‘revolting’. Still not sure if it was a compliment.”

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