Tweeting Flannery’s Innovating in a Changing Climate

Last night, Professor Tim Flannery launched the Deakins with his inspiring keynote address, Innovating in a Changing Climate. Flannery’s lecture concluded with his call for questions: “It’s over to you for both questions and action.”

Twitter was fluttering with comments the during speech. Crikey editor, @sophblack appreciated Flannery’s observation “we are still a frontier country… We dig our wealth out of the ground…Our great fortune is our great misfortune”.

@CInnovation2010 picked up on the response about lack of climate change sceptics: “No skeptics this week - Flannery says it was a conscious decision.” which @latrobe reported was because Flannery thought “They get enough airplay. Applause.”

Finally, @lmdo retweeted Flannery’s simple reply to a convoluted question on the nature of politics: “love each other, love this earth”.