Emerging Technology at Writers’ Festival

The Emerging Writer’s Festival (EWF) kicks off next Friday with the First Word, but for non-Melbournians the festival launches its online program tomorrow.

The online program will be launched at Federation Sq on Saturday, but it increases the festival’s reach not just to Australia but potentially the world. While the program is still under wraps online events will be a chance to engage with Chris Meade and Angela Meyer. The festival will be active on social networking with TwitterFEST, a daily gathering with featured writers around their Twitter account.

EWF director Lisa Dempster is an advocate for social media for writers. She told The Melbourne Times “I think social media creates amazing opportunities for emerging writers. Just being able to speak directly to a certain audience… has brought my writing along in leaps and bounds.” And if you don’t agree, Dempster will host a Twitter session on how the social media can help writers.