at Fringe Hub: Arts House Festival Club

Woolf and Wilde: A Queer Party

Has it really been four years since the last Woolf and Wilde party? Don’t worry, we haven’t changed a bit. Still weird, wilde and woolfy after all this time.

As the cherry on top of another fantastic Melbourne Fringe, we're inviting you, once again, to party with some of the festival’s brightest LGBTQ+ stars, including Creatrix Tiara, Selina Jenkins and Mama Alto. It’ll be a night of spectacular performance, music, poetry and conversation, plus plenty of drinks and dancing in between. Come together – anybody, everybody – to celebrate great queer art, and dance the night away, with new and old friends at the Melbourne Fringe Festival Club. Hosted by Karen from Finance.

No bookings required for standing room only.

This event is presented in partnership with Melbourne Fringe.


Portrait of Karen from Finance

Karen from Finance

Karen from Finance is the premiere 'corporate' queen of Melbourne, Australia. She lives alone with her budgie 'Dantè' and enjoys tax time, office-based bonding activities, and invoice archiving.

In both 2017 and 2018 Karen from Finance took off to the United States of America where she was featured at RuPaul’s Drag Con in LA and was booked on panels along side season one winner Bebe Zahara Benet and the hosts of Drag Race Thailand, Art Arya and Pangina Heals. Karen has continued on to headline shows in New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis and Los Angeles, and November 2017 saw Karen from Finance headlining the Austin International Drag Festival in Texas along side the likes of Milk, Latrice Royale and the UK’s Cheddar Gorgeous.

Portrait of Creatrix Tiara

Creatrix Tiara

Creatrix Tiara works with creative arts and media, performance art, technology, games, community cultural development and education to explore ideas around community, identity, liminality, belonging and social justice. She never neatly fits any one demographic and subculture; being Othered or Foreign is now near-first-nature to her – it drives her life's work. 

Portrait of Selina Jenkins

Selina Jenkins

Selina Jenkins is an acclaimed musician, award winning cabaret artist and celebrated character comedian. She has performed extensively throughout Australia and the US, appeared on ABC Comedy Up Late and will be debuting her highly anticipated new solo show ‘Boobs’ at this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival. Selina is also the woman behind renowned comedy character 'Beau Heartbreaker'.

Portrait of Mama Alto

Mama Alto

Mama Alto is a jazz singer, cabaret artiste and gender transcendent diva. She is a transgender and queer person of colour who works with the radical potential of storytelling, strength in softness and power in vulnerability. In addition to her excellence as a performing artist, she is a writer of intelligence and sensitivity. 

She has performed original spoken word and pieces of new writing for Melbourne Writers Festival, Queerstories, Emerging Writers' Festival and Word In Hand. Her writing has been published in the Age, Archer Magazine, Querelle 2018, the Music, and Melbourne Recital Centre's Soundescapes, and she has contributed chapters to Queerstories (ed. Maeve Marsden, Hachette Australia 2018) and Living & Loving in Diversity (ed. Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Wakefield Press and AGMC 2019). 

Portrait of Marlena Dalí

Marlena Dalí

Australia's second best David Bowie impersonator, Marlena Dalí is the gutsy immigrant-carny-scumbag of your wettest and weirdest dreams. Former Venice Beach Freakshow snake charmer, and current Juggalo heartthrob, a high school drop-out with a master's degree, Marlena is as versatile as they come with guaranteed graphic, non-binary moments on stage. In Sydney, they are well known as the host and co-creator of monthly queer variety night, The Oyster Club: Glamdrogynous Freakshow


Portrait of Popchops


Dan and Andy bring a take on pop music that is unashamedly passionate, cheeky, sorrynotsorry and informative. Like pop music itself, Popchops is an escape from reality – where friendship never ends, love don't cost a thing and the party don't start 'til you walk in.

Portrait of Queenie Bon Bon

Queenie Bon Bon

Queenie Bon Bon is a London-born, Melbourne based sex worker, writer and fantasy maker. Her work focuses on labour and the body. Welcome to the Mystic Hole is her third full length show. Bon Bon has toured her last two shows in Australia, the UK and the USA.

Her work has been featured in Maximum Rock and Roll and the Lifted Brow. She is a member of Australian sex worker art collective Debby Doesn’t Do It For Free. On her last visit to Adelaide she was fired from three adult entertainment venues. She is currently writing a book.