at The Wheeler Centre

What Men Really Think About… Violence

One in three Australian women experience violence from a male partner or an ex-partner. For one woman a week, this is fatal. This epidemic has seen family related violence crime increase by 288% right here in Victoria and this includes same-sex relationships.

Why is violence so rife in our society, across all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds? What are the feelings behind the fist? Anger is a secondary emotion, so what’s beneath the rage that’s so intolerable to so many men that violence becomes their chosen form of expression?

For this session, Matt Boulton, Tom Langley and Karl Linder will speak with frank honesty about their experiences with violence, both as perpetrators and victims. The delve into the uncomfortable territory of what sparks them off, the insidious cycle of violence, the costs in their lives, and the alternatives they have found to communicate their feelings.


Portrait of Kim Farrant

Kim Farrant

Kim Farrant writes and directs drama, documentaries and commercials for film and TV.


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