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at The Wheeler Centre

This Isn’t a Movement, It’s a Moment: When Public Space, Politics and Art Collide

The past two years have seen people take to the streets in more and more countries, seeking out change without knowing how to articulate it yet. As Spring warms up the city streets, a different and much harsher kind of authoritarian resistance has greeted New York’s occupiers. So what can we expect from public space in our cities? Where are the spaces that allow the fluid spontaneity and the cut and thrust of debate - city squares, football fields, theatres, libraries, media, the internet? When public space and politics collide, art that creates those cracks of light may be the best tool we have.

Hosted by Artistic Director, Next Wave: Emily Sexton

Next Wave Artists: Liesel Zink (fifteen), SJ Norman (Bone Library)

International speaker: Andy Field (Director, Forest Fringe), Ben Pryor (Curator, American Realness)

Guest speaker: Adam Bandt MP

Breakfast Club

Kickstart your brain with a dose of stimulation courtesy of Next Wave. Breakfast Club is your morning shot of artistic and intellectual insight. We’re not interested in expert-led formats or a room full of people thinking the same things; we want big opinions, good discussion and personal stories.

Light breakfast by Yoghurt Culture and coffee from Small Batch by donation.

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