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at The Wheeler Centre

Seven Billion: It’s Getting Crowded in Here!

High density living is great for the environment, right? But what does it do to our heads and hearts? The Australian psyche was moulded by the myth of the ‘wide brown land’, so what might life packed like sardines look and feel like? With the world’s seven billionth person is about to be born, can we learn from the Asian megacity experience? And will we still be sharing a cup of sugar with our neighbours? As the population debate gets mental, we’re going in search of the soul in urban sprawl.

Hosted by Natasha Mitchell and featuring Kim Dovey, Helen Killmier, Bernard Salt and Sein-Way Tan.

Presented in partnership with ABC Radio National.


Portrait of Helen Killmier

Helen Killmier

Helen Killmier is a community psychologist with Interact Australia working in the fields of disability services, community aged care, recreation, respite, partnership development, community capacity building, social policy and strategic planning.

Portrait of Natasha Mitchell

Natasha Mitchell

Natasha Mitchell is a multi-award winning journalist, presenter and podcaster with the ABC, presenting flagship national programs including Life Matters (2012-2016), founder of the popular show All in the Mind (2002-12), and now a new science, culture and storytelling program, Science Friction on ABC Radio National. 

Portrait of Kim Dovey

Kim Dovey

Kim Dovey is Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Melbourne.

Portrait of Bernard Salt

Bernard Salt

Bernard Salt is one of Australia’s leading social commentators. He heads The Demographics Group which provides specialist advice on demographic, consumer and social trends for business. Prior to that Bernard founded KPMG Demographics. He is perhaps best known for identifying and tagging new tribes and social behaviours such as the ‘Seachange Shift’, the ‘Man Drought’, and the ‘Goats Cheese Curtain’.  He was also responsible for popularising smashed avocados globally. 

Portrait of Sein-Way Tan

Sein-Way Tan

Sein-Way Tan is the founder of Green World City Organisation, a sustainable cities consultancy.


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