The School of Life Melbourne Secular Sermon Series

Now, it’s not just religious folk who can get life lessons (and a good stirring of the soul) from a regular Sunday sermon.

London’s School of Life offers good ideas for everyday life – and its hugely popular Secular Sermon series arrives in Melbourne in 2013, curated by theatre producer Stephen Armstrong.

Join some of Australia’s (and the world’s) most maverick cultural figures as they explore the values we should live by, in hour-long theatrical events that will make you think, reflect and even laugh.

Subjects range from vengeance and lying, to humour and the virtues (or otherwise) of being ‘ordinary’. Expect persuasive polemics delivered with particular passion, communal singing … and possibly even sticky buns with fellow ‘parishioners’.

Whimsically pitched, but with a serious purpose, the Secular Sermons will pop up in cultural venues all around Melbourne.

The School of Life Sermons are a co-presentation between Melbourne Conversations, the City of Melbourne’s free public talks program, and The Wheeler Centre with generous support from the Trawalla Foundation.