The Salon Series

The salon has a long and storied history as a space for the discussion of art, ideas, politics, literature and philosophy. Salons have been meeting sites for cultural figures from E.M. Forster and Virginia Woolf, to Picasso, Hemingway and F Scott Fitzgerald. Whether it’s A’Lelia Walker in 1920s Harlem, Marcel Proust in 19th century Paris, or Melbourne’s very own Heide Circle, salons have invigorated cultural and intellectual life across the globe.

In partnership with State Library Victoria, we’re bringing you a series of seasonal creative salons celebrating Australia’s most exciting thinkers and performers. With old-school flair and a contemporary spin, we’ll hear from writers, poets and musicians whose work is defining the current-day cultural agenda and will resonate for years to come.

So grab a glass of wine, pull up a chair, and dive into a vibrant evening of creativity and culture.