Sammy J’s Democratic Party

Comedian Sammy J knows nothing, and he’s the first one to admit it. Politicians know everything, or so they would have us believe. When unstoppable comedic force meets immovable political object, the result is Sammy J’s Democratic Party, an event that leaves the week behind and kicks off with a drink, a few laughs and a fair old shake of the sauce bottle.

The first two Sammy J’s Democratic Party events have been among our most popular – and talked-about. Who could forget Geoff Shaw’s bagpipe-playing, or Lindsay Tanner’s singing? Certainly not those who were there to see it.

Rock up, sit back and watch the anarchy unfold, as our political guests unbutton and unwind (and often reveal more than they mean to) in Sammy J’s freewheeling company.

What special talents will our latest guests reveal?