Breakfast Club

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at The Wheeler Centre

Religion and Art: Old Friends, New Discussions

Gay marriage, rituals and drawing inspiration from disaster: can we be secular and be spiritual? Is this a threat to the old guard? What will be destroyed if more people ask questions of religious leaders?

Hosted by Associate Producer, Next Wave: Ashley Dyer.

Next Wave Artists: Mark Pritchard and Bridget Balodis (Shotgun Wedding), Michelle Sakaris (The warmth of the curve), Dewey Dell (The Exchange)

International speaker: Laura McDermott (Fierce Festival)

Breakfast Club

Kickstart your brain with a dose of stimulation courtesy of Next Wave. Breakfast Club is your morning shot of artistic and intellectual insight. We’re not interested in expert-led formats or a room full of people thinking the same things; we want big opinions, good discussion and personal stories.

Light breakfast by Yoghurt Culture and coffee from Small Batch by donation.

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