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at The Wheeler Centre

Press Freedom vs Political Power

Peter Greste and Alan Morison are both Australian journalists who, with their colleagues, are subject to judicial action that challenges not only their own freedom but the fundamental principle of freedom of the press itself.

Our world is becoming more and more subject to political propaganda and spin; influenced by short media cycles and social media. A free and critical media is arguably more important now than ever. What do the Peter Greste and Alan Morison cases tell us about the state of our media, the value that we place on freedom of the press - and the role that we each have in defending those fundamental rights?

PEN Melbourne, the Wheeler Centre and the nonfictionLab at RMIT University host a panel of journalists, advocates and academics to discuss the implications of the Peter Greste and Alan Morison cases and what we should do about them.

For this discussion, we’re joined by Mark Baker (Chief Executive Officer of the Melbourne Press Club), Cece Ojany (Writers-In-Prison Officer with PEN Melbourne) and Alexandra Wake (Lecturer in Journalism at RMIT University). Moderated by Regina Hill.


Portrait of Mark Baker

Mark Baker

Mark Baker is a former Senior Editor of the Age, Editor of the Canberra Times and Managing Editor (National) of Fairfax Media. After three years as President of the Melbourne Press Club, he became the Club’s inaugural Chief Executive Officer in January 2014.

Portrait of Cece Ojany

Cece Ojany

Cece Ojany joined PEN Melbourne in December 2012 as the organisation’s Writers-In-Prison Officer. Her poetry has featured in various festivals including the Dandenong Laneway Festival and Federation Square’s Light In Winter Festival.

Portrait of Alexandra Wake

Alexandra Wake

Alexandra Wake is a lecturer at RMIT University with almost 30 years experience as a journalist. She has worked in Australia, Ireland, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

Portrait of Regina Hill

Regina Hill

Regina Hill is a member of the PEN Melbourne management committee. She has a Masters of International Laws (Social and Economic Rights) and has a longstanding interest in human rights and international law based issues.


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