Pah! Deaf Storytelling Night

‘Pah!’: to realise; to become suddenly aware; to show someone you understand them; a colloquial sign widely used within the Deaf community.

The inaugural Pah! Deaf Storytelling Night brings together emerging and established d/Deaf storytellers with a variety of communication styles, whose stories will delight and surprise you. Join us for an evening of watching, listening and understanding lived experiences that are far more than just not being able to hear sound. Through personal tales ranging from the hilarious to the heart-wrenching, we’ll celebrate intersectionality, human connection, and the ways our identities shape our lives in both familiar and unfamiliar ways. 

Settle in for a night of raw, passionate, accessible and inclusive storytelling and performance.

Hosted by Sam Martin and Danni Wright. Created by Sam Martin.

This event will be both Auslan interpreted and captioned.

Presented in partnership with Melbourne Fringe with the support of City of Melbourne Arts Grant


Portrait of Sam Martin

Sam Martin

Sam Martin is an alumnus of the Australian Film TV and Radio School with an aspiring passion for creating and supporting diversity within arts, media and performance spaces. Identifying as queer and hard of hearing/deaf, Sam's art practice explores the contradicting and intersectionality of identity, including his own, hoping to create discussion and encourage others to do the same.

Portrait of Danni Wright

Danni Wright

Danni Wright (she/her), identifies as a deaf queer vegan woman of Anglosaxon Australian descent, who is passionate and actively involved in her communities, particularly the deaf community. She works within the film, television and theatre industry as a director, actor and language, cultural and accessibility consultant across diverse projects.

Portrait of Jasmine Shirrefs

Jasmine Shirrefs

Jas is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer and zine maker. Jas was a columnist with Scum magazine in 2020 and has an essay in the anthology Growing Up Disabled in Australia.

Portrait of Nathan Borg

Nathan Borg

Nathan Borg is an Australian actor and queer. He is Australia’s first deaf actor with a cochlear implant to appear on our national screens.

Portrait of Catherine Dunn

Catherine Dunn

Catherine Dunn (she/her) is driven by her experiences being Deaf from birth and growing up in rural Victoria with a family that had no prior knowledge or experience with Deafness. She draws upon her experiences being bilingual (Auslan and English) and torn between worlds to share her journey with her Deafhood.

Portrait of Karthik Vijayanandam

Karthik Vijayanandam

Karthik (He/Him) is a third culture individual with multiple, intersectional identities, who currently lives in Naarm. He is a multi-disciplinary educator who is passionate about empowerment of people, particularly Deaf and Hard of hearing people or those with intersectionality.


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