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The Deakin Lectures 2010

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at Melbourne Town Hall

Opening Keynote Address: Innovation in a Changing Climate

Series curator Professor Tim Flannery kicks off the programme with a wide-ranging analysis of the current state of the Climate Change debate. Public understanding and political responses have come a long way from when The Weather Makers was published five years ago. How and why has progress slowed in the past six months? What are the key issues facing us post-Copenhagen? What does innovation mean in this context? And how are we to live, better, in this Brave New World we face?

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Portrait of Tim Flannery

Tim Flannery

Tim Flannery has published over thirty books including the award-winning The Future EatersThe Weather Makers, Atmosphere of Hope and Here on Earth and the novel The Mystery of the Venus Island Fetish. In 2005 he was named Australian Humanist of the Year, and in 2007, Australian of the Year.

In 2007 he co-founded and was appointed Chair of the Copenhagen Climate Council. In 2011 he became Australia’s Chief Climate Commissioner, and in 2013 he founded the Australian Climate Council. His current book is Sunlight and Seaweed.

The Deakin Lectures 2010

Thirty of the best minds on the climate change issue, in the one place, at the one time. The Deakins 2010.


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