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at The Wheeler Centre

Nick Cater: The Lucky Culture

The iconic Australian ideal of the ‘fair go’ is under threat, says Nick Cater. He identifies a new breed of ‘sophisticated’ Australians, who hate corporations, miners and the Murdoch media – as well as alcopops, sugar and plastic bags. They’ve gentrified the Labor Party and scared off the workers. And they consider themselves free thinkers … but end up thinking the same things.

Current Australia can be divided into ‘insiders’ (these snobbish sophisticates – also known as elites) and ‘outsiders’, says Cater, a senior editor at the Australian. In this eye-opening insight into how some Australians think, Cater will present his view on who his ‘insiders’ are, and why he believes they’re so dangerous.

Nick Cater is in conversation with Peter Mares, adjunct fellow at the Swinburne Institute for Social Research.


Portrait of Peter Mares

Peter Mares

Peter Mares is an independent writer and researcher. He is a contributing editor for online magazine Inside Story and a senior moderator with The Cranlana Programme. Peter was a broadcaster with the ABC for twenty-five years, serving as a foreign correspondent based in Hanoi and presenting national radio programs. His latest book is Not Quite Australian: How Temporary Migration Is Changing the Nation. 

Portrait of Nick Cater

Nick Cater

Nick Cater is a journalist, author and visiting fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies. He is a former editor of the Weekend Australian and held senior editorial roles at the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph.


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