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at Athenaeum Theatre

Naomi Klein in Conversation

For Naomi Klein, climate change represents a ‘civilisational wake-up call. A powerful message – spoken in the language of fires, floods, droughts, and extinctions – telling us that we need an entirely new economic model and a new way of sharing this planet.’

Provocative, polemical and resolute –  Klein has dedicated herself to scrutinising the global economic system and imagining ways to make it cleaner, fairer and sustainable. With bestselling books including No Logo and The Shock Doctrine, the Canadian writer and activist has made arguments for a fundamental overhaul of the status quo.

Most recently, through her book and international campaign, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate, Klein’s focus has been on the urgent question of climate change. At home in Canada, these ideas have found expression in the Leap Manifesto – an alliance of writers, artists and activists proposing urgent, radical restructure of trade and energy policy.

In Australia to receive the 2016 Sydney Peace Prize, Klein will appear in conversation at the Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne. What are the specifics of Klein’s ideas for a new economic model? In the Australian context, how does Klein see climate action intersecting with other social justice causes, such as the Indigenous land rights movement? And how can the threat of climate change build unity and create momentum for change?

In conversation with Aamer Rahman.

Presented in partnership with the Sydney Peace Foundation.

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Portrait of Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein is an award-winning journalist, syndicated columnist and author most recently of the critically acclaimed bestseller, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate, first published in September 2014. She is also the author of 2007’s The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism and the 2002 collection Fences and Windows: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Globalization Debate. Her first book, No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies, was published in 1999 and remains influential and popular. 

Klein is a contributing editor for Harper’s and reporter for Rolling Stone, and writes a regular column for the Nation and the Guardian that is syndicated internationally. Additionally, her writing has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, Globe and Mail, El Pais, L’Espresso and New Statesman, among many other publications.

Portrait of Aamer Rahman

Aamer Rahman

Aamer Rahman is an Australian comedian whose work covers politics, race relations, and the War on Terror. He has performed sold-out shows at some of the world's largest festivals including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Edinburgh Fringe. 

Rahman's work has been covered by media outlets such as The Huffington Post, NBC, Slate, Colorlines, Afropunk, AlterNet, VICE and Essence Magazine.


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