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Law & Order Week

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at The Wheeler Centre

Naked City

Andrew Rule and John Silvester, authors and creators of the Underbelly phenomenon, discuss the truths of true crime. Andrew Rule and John Silvester co-wrote The Age’s ‘Naked City’ column for many years until Rule moved across to the Herald-Sun at the beginning of 2011. The two also co-wrote (and self-published) the Underbelly book series of true crime that was later adapted for television by the Nine Network. This event will be hosted by Rhys Muldoon.

Update: we regret to inform that John Silvester is unable to attend this event. Crime journalist Tom Noble will be appearing in his stead.

Law & Order Week

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the criminals, police, lawyers and correctional staff who have direct contact with crime, and the people who write about it. These are their stories.


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