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at The Wheeler Centre

Mirko Bonne: Das Antlitz der Unwirklichkeit

Note: This event will take place in German.

Mit seinem neuen Roman Nie mehr Nacht war der herausragende deutsche Autor Mirko Bonné für den Deutschen Buchpreis 2013 nominiert. Mit Unterstützung des Goethe-Instituts Australien in Melbourne wird Mirko Bonné in dieser deutschsprachigen Veranstaltung über die eindrucksvolle Geschichte eines Künstlers, der einem Auftrag folgend nach Frankreich reist, um dort Brücken zu zeichnen, sein Engagement für Weather Stations und seine Arbeit als Übersetzer von u.a. John Keats, e.e. cummings und W.B. Yeats sprechen.


Portrait of Mirko Bonné

Mirko Bonné

Mirko Bonné is author of Nie mehr Nacht (No more Night), nominated for the German Book Award.

Portrait of Alison Lewis

Alison Lewis

Alison Lewis is professor of German in the School of Languages and Linguistics at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Weather Stations

The Wheeler Centre is one of five partners in a brand new global project, which places literature and storytelling at the heart of the conversations around climate change. Launched in 2014, the Weather Stations project harnesses the transformative power of words to imagine, in the context of a threatened environment, how we might live our lives differently.

Over 18 months, the project will bring together five cultural institutions from around the world: the Wheeler Centre, Free Word in London, internationales literaturfestival Berlin, Krytyka Polityczna in Warsaw and Tallaght Community Arts in Dublin.

Each Weather Station has appointed a writer in residence, whose task is to produce a body of work that reflects how they view our relationship with the environment. The Wheeler Centre’s writer in residence is Tony Birch.

Tony has been blogging regularly at, alongside the other writers involved in the project –Jas Kapela, Mirko Bonné, Oisin McGann and Xiaolu Guo. From Monday 21 April to Monday 12 May, all five writers undertook a residency together in Australia – including several discussions held at the Wheeler Centre. Videos will be produced and posted here soon.

Still to come: in collaboration with some of Victoria’s young citizens, Tony will explore the wide-ranging implications of climate change on future generations. And the writers will undertake further residencies in the home countries of participating Weather Stations partners.

Find out more about Weather Stations at our project page.


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