at Myer Mural Hall

Melbourne Citizens’ Forum

Whatever your political stripe or ideological bent, if you care about the kind of world we live in it’s hard not to feel deflated about the opportunities for (and outcomes of) civic engagement. Did clicking an online petition or forwarding a chain letter ever change a mind, let alone a policy? Joining a march or a rally might help vent some disgruntlement, but does anyone notice? If engaged citizenry is about being involved – about being heard – how do we raise our voice above the throng?

We need your help. We need a day of your time, and your best thinking cap, for our first ever Wheeler Centre Citizens’ Forum. Because we’re putting together a panel of experts – just 200 of them – to thrash out the ideas above and come up with some concrete ways that the concerned and passionate individual might make a difference. And we think you’re the expert we need.

It’s a whole day, where everyone involved will play a part. In the splendour of the Myer Mural Hall, it’s an old-fashioned assembly meets community meeting; a carefully facilitated set of discussions that uses the collective imagination to set the agenda and deal with complex issues.

Become part of the Wheeler Centre’s first fully participatory think tank. We want you to help us bring meaning to the notion of joining the conversation. We want your help to articulate, consider and debate the challenges of citizenry.

In just one day, we want an answer: In an imperfect democracy, how can the individual make a difference?

This is real talk. Nobody leaves without a solution.

Facilitated by Nick Sweeting.



Portrait of Nick Sweeting

Nick Sweeting

Nick Sweeting is a theatre maker.

Since starting a freelance career with a short spell at the Chicago International Theatre Festival, Nick has worked with a broad range of national and international clients, including the David Glass Ensemble, Phoenix Dance, Lip Service, Wierzalin Theatre (Poland), Nada Theatre (France) and Mouthpeace (South Africa).


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