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at The Wheeler Centre

McSweeney’s Guide to America

If you look up ‘literary hipster’ in the dictionary, you just might find a picture of McSweeney’s, the San Francisco-based publishing company started by rule-bending writer Dave Eggers.

Jordan Bass, managing editor of McSweeney’s, is here to share the story of his now-iconic publishing house – and by extension, his country’s creative writing scene.

What makes McSweeney’s original? How do they remain both irreverent and oddball, respected and popular? And where do they sit in the wider literary playground?

This unique event brings the best of America to the centre of Melbourne, letting book-lovers listen to the beating heart of US literary culture – and sharing an insider’s view on what makes it work, what’s around the corner, and which authors we should all be reading next.

Photo: Daniel Lobo


Portrait of Jordan Bass

Jordan Bass

Jordan Bass is the managing editor of McSweeney’s Publishing, where he’s helped to edit and design dozens of books, both fiction and non-fiction, since 2004.


Just a few short weeks from now, millions of Americans will go to the polls. It’s an election that will decide the future of a superpower – and a world – on the precipice of economic and environmental crisis. As the campaign heats up, we take a look at new-millennium America: its politics, its polarised media and its vibrant creative culture. And we ask: how long will America continue to dominate the global conversation?

Also included in this series is our Intelligence Squared debate, Western Civilisation is in Terminal Decline.


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