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at The Wheeler Centre

Lunchbox/Soapbox: George Megalogenis - The Kevin Performance Index

…or why I want Kevin Rudd to shut up for just one day so I can clear the backlog in my inbox. He is talking and typing faster than any leader I have covered, and I admit I can’t keep up. My gripe is not with him. I’ll explain how the information age has turned our leaders into permanent celebrities, and the 24-hour news cycle has driven the incumbent PM to a high water mark of gibberish.

Lunchbox/Soapbox is a simple idea; an old-fashioned Speakers’ Corner in the middle of the city, in the middle of the day.

At the Wheeler Centre we’re keen to showcase our writers as thinkers and as artists, as people with passions and peccadilloes. So we’ve come up with Lunchbox/Soapbox: a weekly space for them to sound off on a topic of their choice. Think of it as a 20-minute piece of polemic to give lunching CBD folk something to chew on.

The themes will be idiosyncratic: from pop-cultural analysis to high cultural criticism; from political grandstanding to personal mischief-making. But they’ll all be thought-provoking. Bring your lunch along to this bite-sized session.

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Portrait of George Megalogenis

George Megalogenis

George Megalogenis is an author and journalist with three decades' experience in the media. The Australian Moment won the 2013 Prime Minister's Literary Award for Non-fiction and the 2012 Walkley Award for Non-fiction, and formed the basis for his ABC documentary series Making Australia Great


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