A Week of Love & Lust

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at The Wheeler Centre

Love Stories: Literature’s Great Romances

If there’s one thing any book lover can tell you it’s that love on the page can feel as powerful and moving as the real thing. From Shakespeare’s sonnets to the Twilight books, readers of all ages and persuasions have found themselves moved and carried away by literary visions of romance. Our panel of literature-lovers – Kate Holden, Steven Carroll, Hannie Rayson and Craig Sherborne – join host Lorin Clarke to discuss the literary lovers who set their hearts racing. From Mr Darcy’s pride to Heathcliff’s rages, what are the great literary romances, the all-time classic couples and the indelible scenes that make you swoon?

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Portrait of Steven Carroll

Steven Carroll

Stephen Carroll’s The Time We Have Taken won the Commonwealth Writers and Miles Franklin prizes, and his A World of Other People was named joint winner of the Prime Minister’s Literary Award for fiction in 2014.

Portrait of Kate Holden

Kate Holden

Kate Holden is the author of the memoirs In My Skin: A memoir and The Romantic: Italian nights and days. She wrote a long-running column for the Age and has published features, reviews, essays and short stories in all the major Australian journals and newspapers. 


Portrait of Craig Sherborne

Craig Sherborne

Craig Sherborne is an acclaimed memoirist, novelist, poet and playwright, best known for Hoi Polloi, Muck and The Amateur Science of Love.

Portrait of Hannie Rayson

Hannie Rayson

Hannie Rayson is a playwright and screenwriter best known for Hotel Sorrento.

Portrait of Lorin Clarke

Lorin Clarke

Lorin Clarke is a writer, director and broadcaster. She has written for stage, television, print and radio and is the television columnist for the Big Issue. Lorin co-presents the daily Stupidly Small podcast with Stew Farrell.


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