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Lindsay Tanner

‘A political career is not a bad training ground for writing fiction,’ Lindsay Tanner has said. 

Since leaving the chamber in 2010, the former federal politician has devoted much of his time to the printed page – though it’s only recently that fiction has become his focus. His first book, Sideshow, critiqued the Australian media environment, arguing that spin doctors and tightening news cycles were ‘dumbing down democracy’. 

With his debut novel, Comfort Zone, Tanner is again engaging with a hot topic in Australian political discourse, multiculturalism, however he tackles the theme from a markedly different perspective. His story’s protagonist is not a former finance minister, but a pot-bellied cabbie who finds himself drawn into a vortex of drug-dealing and criminal violence.

Tanner is not your average ex-politician and certainly not your average author. Join him for a unique discussion on writing, life after politics … and the job of lying for a living. In conversation with Emily Sexton.




Portrait of Lindsay Tanner

Lindsay Tanner

Lindsay Tanner was the minister for finance and deregulation in the Rudd-Gillard governments, and held the seat of Melbourne for the ALP from 1993 to 2010. Having retired from politics at the 2010 federal election, he is now a special adviser to Lazard Australia, and is a vice-chancellor's fellow and adjunct professor at Victoria University. Mr Tanner is the author of several previous books, including Politics with Purpose (2012) and Sideshow (2011), also published by Scribe.

Portrait of Emily Sexton

Emily Sexton

Emily Sexton is currently Head of Programming for the Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas.

Books and Ideas at Montalto

Why go postal when you can go coastal?

On seven Fridays throughout the year, from March to October, the Wheeler Centre brings the best of Australian writing to the Mornington Peninsula. Swap the hustle of the city for an unhurried, immersive look at the stories behind the stories – all while enjoying outstanding food and wine, fascinating company and the opportunity to hear from writers in an intimate and relaxed setting.

Share in Books and Ideas at Montalto – perfect for lovers of fine writing, good conversation and great wine.

Season passes for 2018 are now available, with our first event slated to feature Robyn Davidson. Reserve your place at seven events in the series, each inclusive of food, with wine charged on consumption. $490 plus 30c booking fee.


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