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Lighthouse Literary Festival at Aireys Inlet: John Clarke

The Wheeler Centre undertakes its annual pilgrimage to the Lighthouse Literary Festival at Airey’s Inlet, to present a pair of literary legends by the sea.

Writer, satirist and actor John Clarke, famed for his mock political interviews and stellar television and film career, picks his 8 favourite books, the ones that have influenced him most. In this event, he expounds on his choices with Wheeler Centre director Michael Williams.

Presented by the Wheeler Centre, our two Lighthouse Literary Festival sessions are available only to Festival Pass holders.


Portrait of Michael Williams

Michael Williams

Michael Williams is the Director of the Wheeler Centre.

John Clarke

John Clarke is a writer and performer, known for his brief collaboration with Bryan Daw on ABC television, for The Games, for various movies including Death in Brunswick, for the Murray Whelan telemovies, for providing quiz answers in the Age and for Fred Dagg.