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Jessa Crispin: Why I Am Not a Feminist

Jessa Crispin has made her name as a contrarian.

Founder of the uncompromising review blog Bookslut and editor of literary magazine Spoila, she’s railed against comfortable consensus in American publishing, burning bridges and throwing grenades at holy grails. Crispin fights on the side of literary ambition, experimentation, rigour and intellectual independence.

Her new book, by its very name, is a provocation. It’s called Why I Am Not a Feminist and it’s a spiky, scholarly critique of the compromises inherent in American feminism today. Crispin reveres unfashionable, radical Second Wave feminist writers and believes contemporary mainstream feminism has sold women out for something banal, corporate, unimaginative and exclusive. Why I Am Not a Feminist imagines a new kind of feminism and calls for upheaval.

Join this razor-sharp polemicist, in conversation with Celeste Liddle, for a fresh, ferocious take on contemporary feminism and cultural criticism.


Portrait of Jessa Crispin

Jessa Crispin

Jessa Crispin is a non-fiction writer and editor with a strong interest in history, art, women's issues and psychogeography. She is the founder and editor of literary review publication Bookslut and, since 2013, its sister publication Spolia.

Her books include The Dead Ladies ProjectThe Creative Tarot and Why I Am Not a Feminist: A Feminist Manifesto. Her essays have been published in titles such as Boston ReviewNew York TimesB&N Review and Smart Set.

Portrait of Celeste Liddle

Celeste Liddle

Celeste Liddle is an Arrernte woman (traditional owner in Central Australia) who was born in Canberra and has been living in Melbourne since she was a teenager. She is a trade unionist, an activist, a feminist, a social commentator and an opinion writer. In May 2021, she was announced as the preselected Greens candidate for the seat of Cooper in the upcoming Federal Election.


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