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at The Wheeler Centre

Ishiguro’s Robots

Hiroshi Ishiguro is one of the top 100 geniuses alive in the world today – and the creator of some of the most life-like robots ever made.

Ishiguro’s shockingly human androids (including his own doppelganger) have taught lectures, acted in plays and been programmed with a ‘bedside manner’ to act as nurses. As reflected in our popular culture, from 2001: A Space Odyssey to Blade Runner, we’re fascinated, repulsed and excited – all at once – by the idea of robots taking our place.

Ishiguro is eerily close to making our technological fears and fantasies come true.

Come meet his creations … and get a glimpse into our science-fiction future.

Presented in partnership with Speak to Me - Experimenta’s 5th International Biennial of Media Art.


Portrait of Hiroshi Ishiguro

Hiroshi Ishiguro

Hiroshi Ishiguro received a D.Eng. in Systems Engineering from the Osaka University, Japan in 1991. His research interests include distributed sensor systems, interactive robotics, and android science. He is known as the inventor of controversially lifelike, humanoid robots.


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