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at The Wheeler Centre

Injustice Anywhere: Human Rights in Practice

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. Martin Luther King’s sentiment still underpins many of the key legal documents set up to promote human rights in Victoria and beyond. But are the bold aims of human rights discourse too idealistic for the legal system to sustain in practice? How difficult is it to develop and enforce laws that promote a rights-based culture? What happens when rights clash? Can we do better? Join our panellists in a discussion of human rights in theory and practice.

This event is the official launch of Law Week – and of Victoria Law Foundation’s Better Information Handbook – so stick around afterwards for free drinks and further discussion.

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Portrait of Debbie Mortimer

Debbie Mortimer

Debbie Mortimer SC is a Melbourne barrister whose areas of practice include matters relating to civil liberties, constitutional law, discrimination law, equal opportunity, human rights, and freedom of information.

Portrait of Julian Burnside

Julian Burnside

Julian Burnside is a Melbourne barrister. He joined the Bar in 1976 and took silk in 1989. He specialises in commercial litigation, and has acted in many very contentious cases - the MUA Waterfront dispute; the Cash-for-Comment enquiry; cases for Alan Bond and Rose Porteous - but has become known for his human rights work and has acted pro bono in many refugee cases. 

He is an outspoken opponent of the mistreatment of people who come to Australia seeking protection from persecution. His latest book is Watching Out: Reflections on Justice and Injustice (Scribe).

Portrait of Alan Attwood

Alan Attwood

Alan Attwood, author and journalist, is a Walkley-award winner and former New York correspondent for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald. He has been editor of The Big Issue magazine since 2006.

Portrait of Rob Stary

Rob Stary

Rob Stary is a Melbourne criminal defence lawyer who runs his own firm in Footscray.


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