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How Two-Party Politics Has Failed Australian Voters

How Two-Party Politics Has Failed Australian Voters

Deep into both a State and Federal Election cycle, it’s hard not to stop and take stock of the choices being offered us. Election day is so much more than a handful of leaflets and a sausage sizzle at your old primary school: it’s your chance to decide how you want your electorate, your state, your country to look. But what are the assumptions and conventions that underpin the way we go to the polls? From compulsory voting to the Westminster system, our entire electoral process is underpinned with traditions and rules that shape our political world. But what are the notions and concepts we take for granted that aren’t an essential part of that framework?

Greens candidate for the Federal Seat of Melbourne, Adam Bandt, argues that far from being a symbolic presence to sway the tone of an election, smaller parties and independent candidates are an essential part of the democratic process. Two-Party Politics, he argues, isn’t only a thing of the past: it’s something best left behind.


Portrait of Adam Bandt

Adam Bandt

Adam Bandt is a Greens MP and the Federal Member for Melbourne. He was elected in 2010 when he made history by becoming the first Greens MP elected to the House of Representatives at a general election.

Lunchbox / Soapbox

We love exploring ideas at the Wheeler Centre, and encouraging others to do the same. That’s why every Thursday lunchtime we hand the microphone over to the great thinkers, dreamers and orators of our time.

With a dazzling range of passionate speakers and unusual topics, our soapbox provides a platform for the eclectic, topical and enlightening stories you won’t hear elsewhere. This is the most memorable lunch break you’ll have all week.

If you’re in need of sustenance of body as well as mind, the MOAT lunch cart will be serving delicious $10 lunchboxes in the Performance Space from 12.20pm.


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