The Deakin Lectures 2010

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at Deakin Edge, Fed Square

Greening Capitalism: Green Bonds, Funding Clean Energy, Banks and Global Funds

Climate change discourse isn’t all photos of worried polar bears and winsome children. Even amongst those who accept that we’re facing a time of monumental change, one question niggles about the change ahead: what’s it all going to cost? Some say less than the price of a coffee a week, some that reducing emissions will mean considerable costs and a loss of economic competitiveness. What are we to believe? And maybe cost is the wrong way of thinking about how the world of finance should be facing the upheaval ahead. Does systemic change represent as great an opportunity as it does a challenge? How do you make sure good climate strategy equals good business?

Keynote by David Blood

5:30 – 6:15pm- Keynote Lecture
6:15 – 6:30pm- Interval
6:30 – 7:30pm- Panel Discussion

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Portrait of David Blood

David Blood

Keynote Speaker: David Blood is Senior Partner of Generation Investment Management, a fund management business dedicated to long-term investment and integrated sustainability research.

Portrait of James Cameron

James Cameron

Panel Member: James Cameron is one of the world’s pre-eminent experts in developing market based policy responses to climate change.

Portrait of John Daley

John Daley

John Daley is the inaugural chief executive of Grattan Institute, which provides independent, rigorous and practical solutions to Australia’s most pressing public policy issues. The current programs of Grattan Institute focus on productivity growth, cities, school education, tertiary education, energy and health.

Portrait of Ian Gibson

Ian Gibson

Panel member: Ian is Managing Director and co-founder of specialist investment manager Attunga Capital Pty Ltd.

The Deakin Lectures 2010

Thirty of the best minds on the climate change issue, in the one place, at the one time. The Deakins 2010.

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