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at The Wheeler Centre

God-Bothering: An Australian Literary Review Discussion

In partnership with the Australian Literary Review, editor Stephen Romei leads a panel through a substantial discussion of the places where ideas and literary commentary meet.

In the wake of several visits to Australia from high-profile atheists, it’s time to take stock of how questions of faith and religion are handled in an Australian context. To coincide with the release of two major new histories of Christianity in Australia, our panel pick apart how secular Australia writes about and talks about God.

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Stephen Romei

Stephen Romei is the editor of Australian Literary Review.

Portrait of Gerard Windsor

Gerard Windsor

Gerard Windsor has published nine books of fiction, memoir and essays, the last novel being I Have Kissed Your Lips.

Portrait of Peter Craven

Peter Craven

Peter Craven is one of Australia’s best-known literary critics. He edited Scripsi with Michael Heyward and was the founding editor of the Black Inc. Best Of annuals (Essays, Stories, Poems) and of Quarterly Essay.


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