Celebrating 175 Years of Victoria

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Politicians and writers, historians and TV personalities, sporting stars and local heroes come together for lively nights of banter and celebration. Under the watchful guidance of quiz-mistress extraordinaire Jane Clifton, we uncover the fascinating and surprising facts about Victoria, and celebrate this demisemiseptcentennial occasion in style!

Held at:

Geelong Performing Arts Centre - Blakiston Drama Theatre

50 Little Malop Street, Geelong

Phone: 5225 1200

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Portrait of Barbara Abley

Barbara Abley

Barbara Abley is a third term Brownbill Ward Councillor, first elected to council in 2001.

Portrait of Kelli Paun

Kelli Paun

Kelli Paun is 27 years old and has been working for 95 5 KROCK for 8 months.

Portrait of Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson is an author of twelve books, as well as writing columns and features for the Age, Good Weekend and The Monthly. He was part of the Breakfasters on Triple R for six years, and is still a regular visitor to both Triple R and 774 ABC Melbourne.

Portrait of Damian Callinan

Damian Callinan

Damian Callinan is an award-winning standup comic, TV sketch show star, broadcaster, director, actor and writer.

Portrait of Simon Hall

Simon Hall

Simon Hall is better known as Yon from Tripod, Australia’s funniest band.

Portrait of Gael Jennings

Gael Jennings

Gael Jennings is an award-winning national TV and radio broadcaster with 25 years’ experience as presenter, reporter and TV executive.

Celebrating 175 Years of Victoria

It’s time to celebrate 175 years of Victoria. How well do you know the State We’re In, the past and present of Victoria? To mark this significant anniversary, the Wheeler Centre takes the show on the road for four big nights across October to four big destinations.