at The Wheeler Centre

Françoise Mouly: Covers Uncovered

Françoise Mouly has been art director of The New Yorker – and responsible for its distinctive cover art – for the past 19 years.

She’ll take us behind the scenes at the magazine and reveal how those signature covers, commenting on the most urgent political and cultural events of the day, are created.

Find out how artists like R. Crumb and Art Spiegelman respond to her calls for submissions, fish for ideas … and then brace themselves for rejection. Peek at some of the shocking and hilarious sketches that didn’t make the cut. And see how contemporary history – from the farce of Monica Lewinsky to nuclear meltdown in Japan – is captured in images as acute as they are outrageous.

This is a privileged tour behind (and between) the covers of a journalistic icon, guided by one of its most celebrated veterans.


Portrait of Françoise Mouly

Françoise Mouly

Françoise Mouly is a publisher, designer, and art editor of the New Yorker. She is also the founder of Raw Books and Graphics and a co-founder of the avant-garde comics anthology RAW.


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