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Illustration: Sarah Firth

at The Wheeler Centre

Existence as Resistance

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How does our identity shape our daily lives and, ultimately, our politics? How do questions of race and gender inform our ideas about justice, equality and solidarity?

In this conversation, we'll hear from some amazing local activists as they discuss their work and the experiences that sparked their activism. These speakers – all of whom are committed to grassroots and community-level action – will offer tips, share strategies and trade stories of horror and triumph. 

How has the social and political landscape shifted over recent years – for better and worse – and what new forms of resistance are emerging? How do you navigate the intersection of the personal and political in the age of tribalism and trolls? What are the costs and rewards of activist work for women of colour in Australia today – and is their loud and proud existence itself a form of resistance? 

Our panel will talk self-care, safe spaces and changing the world from the ground up.

This event will be Auslan interpreted.


Portrait of Gerii Pleitez

Gerii Pleitez

Gerii Pleitez is a fearless new literary voice. Her debut book On The Sunday, She Created God is a transgressive coming of age story that is both brutal and beautiful. A punk, postfeminist, punch in the face. Gerii's visceral poetic imagery strikes at the heart of what it is to be young, to desire and to want purpose in a world which is often without.

She is also the founder of Kara Sevda Press, a publisher dedicated to illuminating the voices of women of colour and First Nations women. The imprint is the cutting edge of modern literature and publishing; underground, digitally distinct and iconoclastic in its ethos. On The Sunday, She Created God was the first book released on the imprint and will be followed by a journal publication called BLEED BABY BLEED featuring work from women of colour, to be released in 2020. 

Portrait of Fadak Alfayadh

Fadak Alfayadh

Fadak Alfayadh is an advocate and refugee who started Meet Fadak, a project aimed to humanise people seeking asylum. She's worked in the prevention of violence against women and is a community and human rights lawyer ensuring access to legal services for marginalised people.

Fadak is an international speaker having worked with the UN and the ASCR and has spoken on the power of narrative as a refugee for TEDX Melbourne. Fadak is a commentator on matters relating to social justice and the current political climate, her work has featured on Al Jazeera, ABC, SBS, BBC and VICE.

Portrait of Rona Glynn-McDonald

Rona Glynn-McDonald

Rona is a proud Kaytetye woman and social changemaker who works with First Nations communities to create future systems in Australia that centre First Nations people, knowledge and cultures. She has a background in economics and a deep curiosity and passion for disruptive ideas. As founder of Common Ground, Rona works to record and share First Nations cultures to create an Australia that celebrates and embraces its First Peoples. Since launching in 2018, Common Ground has supported 180,000 Australians to learn more about First Nations people and cultures.

Portrait of Shantel Wetherall

Shantel Wetherall

Shantel Wetherall is a British/Australia Writer and Host. She's also a proud aunty, dog-mother, and loud-laughed black woman. Her practice creates space for nuanced conversations about women, culture and change across multiple media. She hosts and produces Hey Aunty! podcast and is a regular announcer on Melbourne’s 3RRR. Her words have been read by a million people internationally, in publications like The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald and SBS Voices. As well in projects like the book, she Co-Edited for Google RARE in 2020. She’s passionate about low-fuss/high-feeling communication and a firm believer in the power of just opening doors and starting conversations.


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