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Erotic Fan Fiction

What if Mr Darcy emerged dripping from that pond after skinny-dipping, instead of in his see-through shirt? What might have happened next?

What do new roommates Adam and Ray really get up to when Hannah’s home alone eating cupcakes in the bath? And forget Fifty Shades of Grey: how far would Gone Girl’s Nick and Amy push erotic mind games?

Let your imagination off the leash at Erotic Fan Fiction, as writers bin the rules, push the limits and let their freak flags fly, putting favourite (or notorious) characters into sticky situations that build to a surprising climax.


Portrait of Greg Larsen

Greg Larsen

Greg Larsen is an overweight man in his early thirties who requires glasses. He is a somewhat popular comedian and has appeared on Dirty Laundry Live on ABC2 as well as the Fancy Boy sketches on ABC iView.

Portrait of Laura Jean McKay

Laura Jean McKay

Laura Jean McKay writes about humans and other animals. She is the author of Holiday in Cambodia (Black Inc. 2013), a story collection that explores the electric zone where local and foreign lives meet. Holiday in Cambodia has been shortlisted for three national book awards in Australia and her work has appeared in The Best Australian Stories, Award Winning Australian Writing and The North American Review.  

Portrait of Tom Doig

Tom Doig

Tom Doig is a writer, PhD candidate and moron. He has an MA in Hitler Comedy and a sore bum from cycling across northern Mongolia. His first book is Moron to Moron (Allen & Unwin) and his next book will be The Coal Face: Stories from the Morwell Mine Fire (Penguin).

Portrait of Corey White

Corey White

Corey White has been a stand-up comic since 2008. His material centres on the big issues - race, religion, politics, drugs, sex and death - and runs the gamut from crude filth to incisive social commentary. Corey is uncompromising, transgressive and brutally funny. He recently won the award for Best Comedy Show at the 2014 Sydney Fringe Festival.

Portrait of Virginia Gay

Virginia Gay

Virginia Gay is a performer for stage and television.


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